Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I've Been Tagged Part 2

6. I have only owned and primarily driven two cars since getting my driver's license when I turned 16. My first car was a 1990 gray grand am. My parents bought matching 1990 grand ams in 1990, one gray and one maroon, because they were IWU colors (is that school spirit or what?) My brother ended up buying the maroon grand am after he was married, and he drove the thing until it died just a few months ago. I believe my brother, not counting the replacement he just got for the grand am, also has only owned and primarily driven two cars since getting his driver's license (except for the family minivan) and he could write quite a hilarious post on stories about his two cars. However, this is not his blog, so maybe he will have to be a guest writer on Anon's blog and tell you all about it. This man drives cars until they will drive no more. But back to the gray grand am. I was given the gray grand am as a bribe, I mean incentive, to attend IWU the fall of 1993. Though it may seem unfair that my brother had to BUY his grand am and I was GIVEN mine, let me tell you that he was GIVEN his first car the Christmas after he turned 16, and though I was expecting the Christmas after I turned sixteen to either open up a set of keys or be taken on a mystery drive to the location of my new car, I was only told that I could be the primary driver of the gray grand am and drop my mom off at the office each morning before school. But that's another story for another post. After being the "primary driver" my junior and senior years of high school, I was allowed to drive the car three blocks down the road, park it in Evans Hall, and then call it my own. I faithfully drove that car (which I lovingly named Beauregard) until the spring of 2000, when the car would randomly die with Elizabeth in the back seat (she was only months old) and it needed more repairs than it was worth. We drove the car to Muncie, coasted it into the parking lot of Susie Morris Honda, and we picked out my next, and current car, a 1998 Honda Accord. I am still driving this car, and unlike my friend Kelley's Honda, I have not had to do any repairs on it except for upkeep and one windshield wiper that fell off at a very bad time (see Anon's blog.)

7. Though I was not officially introduced to my husband until the summer in between my sophomore and junior years of college, our paths had unofficially crossed many times before then, and we didn't even know it. He grew up just a school system over from me (a COUNTY SCHOOL) and attended the same church camp I did for several years (Fairmount.) In addition, when I was sixteen, I was a counselor at JBC in Fairmount, and his sister JoEllen was one of the kids in my group. In fact, my mother-in-law has a picture of me with my campers in front of our dorm - I had some of the Brookhaven gang. He even went out on a double date with a basketball player from Taylor, one of our biggest rivals, and this basketball player was the roommate of my best friend at Taylor their freshman year. The only reason our paths finally crossed was because he stayed on campus in an apartment complex with some of my friends, and when I would go over to hang out, we would chat.

8. I have never had a speeding ticket. I would type more about this topic, but I am going to write about this in my next post.

I now tag everyone in my links (except Wuertleys, Missy who hasn't posted in a year, and Bekah who tagged me) plus my sister-in-law Jen who hasn't made it to my links yet but will as soon as I can get Jason to add her. I haven't kept up with blogging too much during the school year, so if any of you have already been tagged and posted, please disregard.


Blogger Anon said...

That is a lie. I'm on your link and I've not been tagged. Not that I want to be because 8 facts is too much information as far as I'm concerned.

BTW, I cannot access your sister-in-laws blog anymore (aka Amishland, USA) so I would appreciate it if you would contact her so that I can be invited to "view the blog".

.....gee, see if I go to the movies again with that side of the family anymore. hehehe

June 24, 2007 11:18 PM  

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