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Though I don't get to catch too many of the shows these days, I have watched my fair share of "Dr. Phil," "Montel," and even "Maury." My favorite episodes of these shows are the update shows, the episodes where they have past guests back on the show to give us an update of their situations. What did they do once they found out the true identity of their babies "real" daddy? Did the incorrigible teen remain reformed after returning home after a week of Montel sponsored boot camp? Did the unfaithful husband remain true to his wife after admitting his straying ways on Dr. Phil? Even if I had not watched the original episode, I still enjoyed hearing "the rest of the story." So I thought I would do an "update" post today - some new information regarding topics that I have posted about in the past.

"4 Generations of Infomercial Mania"

The Magic Bullet arrived last week, and we have used it 3 times. The evening my parents dropped it off, I did not think Elizabeth would be able to contain herself. Given that we had few ingredients on hand, we were only able to make a strawberry-banana smoothie - minus the splash of orange juice. Magic Bullet novices that we were, we used the wrong blade at first, and our first smoothie came out a bit chunky. But we got our act together, and the last few glasses we made were pretty good - and made in less than 10 seconds. This morning we had a magic bullet breakfast. I had to be a team player and not make my usual homemade pancackes - the magic bullet recipe called for Bisquick. I was a little concerned as I put my 1 egg, 1 cup of Bisquick, and 2 cups of milk in the glass, because the Bisquick recipe calls for 1 cup of milk. But I am not going to go against the magic bullet instructions. After a few quick pulses, I opened the lid, and the batter had the consistency of milk. So I added another 1/2 cup of Bisquick, all that I had left, and we had very thin pancakes this morning. Elizabeth said they were the best she ever tasted. Jason mixed up the eggs in the magic bullet - we've never had such well-blended eggs before. We are going to try a new recipe a week, so I will give a recipe update every now and then. So far - Magic Bullet lives up to its reputation. It does the job in 10 seconds or less.

"Did You Know..."

Gas is now holding steady at $2.69 at the local gas station. And new updates about what is coming to town - I just heard the rumors on Wednesday...Target, Best Buy, Kohls, and the best yet - a new football stadium at IWU. Funny, Dad hasn't mentioned that IWU is getting a football team.

"Irony and the Sound of Music"

I am happy to report that all 3 Wuertley vehicles are in working order. However, after driving Jason's Yukon around for two days while my car was getting fixed, it was hard getting back into my '98 Honda. Maybe I am ready for a new car...

"OverIndulgence or Necessity of Life"

This post was about Elizabeth winning the stuffed animal at CiCi's. She has become quite the expert at this game. We were in Ci'Ci's a couple of weeks ago when she tried her luck again. Jason gave her 1.00, and she was 0-2. Grandpa's lucky dollar did the trick - on her 4th try, she won a beautiful pink aardvark or mouse for Anna. She wasn't so lucky at Wal-mart two evenings ago - she was 0-1. Gee, I guess we waste a lot of money on this game now that I am typing about all the times she has played this game in the last two weeks.

"Potentially Great Ideas"

I talked about our remodeling project in the study in this post, and I stated that the finishing touch in the room would be hanging the curtains. There are 3 windows in the room. Curtain #1 went up the weekend the curtains came. Curtain #2 was hung the evening we were having lots of company for my parents' 40th anniversary cookout. Curtain #3 is still in the box. Maybe sometime this week???

"What a Day"

I am pleased to report that my parents' cottage project is complete for this year. We finished the living room and kitchen, leaving only the bathroom to tackle. This will probably be a job for next spring/early summer, although I would love to be able to finish it before WMCR. We repainted the two rooms and Mom refinished the wood floor with Tung Oil. It looks great!

Another portion of this post talked about our family picture portraits. We received the proofs back, and I have posted a few to share. Unfortunately the photographer's camera was not working properly; she would take several pictures and only one would flash. The result - a three year old that is rarely looking at the camera. Everyone else looked great, so only Anna will have to deal with a non-smile look the next 5 years she sees her picture on the wall. Picture 2 isn't bad of Anna, but if you see the picture in "real life," she has a really goofy smile. We chose picture 4 (bottom right.) Anna isn't smiling, but at least she's looking forward.

"College Wesleyan 15, Hanfield 5"

I am pleased to report that College Wesleyan women's softball team not only went undefeated in the regular season, we also won the tournament, beating Hanfield 21-2. This year's team was our best ever, and we didn't fall apart in the tournament like we usually do.

"A Few Days Away From Reality...Priceless"

I typed this post shortly after several trees at our house were blown over as a result of a severe storm. The electric company has gotten proactive and taken down several of our remaining trees that were entangled in power lines. The result is that we have enough firewood to last us for the next 50 years camping. It's unbelievable, and the guys aren't finished cutting it up. We have lost a little bit of privacy, though, because those trees formed a barrier between our yard and the homes behind us. No more going to the bathroom in the garden to keep the bunnies away!


I just may have my own little windfall. Due to budget constraints, we are not getting a cost of living raise this year. However, to make up for that, the administration is offering a $400 bonus to employees who during the period between Labor Day and Fall Break, do not break any rules, have any safety violations, and have perfect attendance. The first two qualifications will be no problem, but the third concerns me. Guess I will be going to work sick. And sorry, Elizabeth, no field trips for two months. Jason says I should just forget it and miss all the days I can during that time period. I don't think my employers would find that funny. Anyway, if I am able to perservere, the money is mine to do with as I wish. I have no idea what I will do with it...$400!!


Two Sundays ago, Ken Schenck preached at College Church, and during his sermon he talked about how he was freaked out in the '80's by the rapture videos. I've heard lots of people refer to that since I posted about my phobia - glad to know I'm not the only one!

Triathlon Training Update

Two weeks from today, it will be over. Today was the last day I could use my YMCA card, so I will have to plan out how I am going to do the swim for the next two weeks. Shelli and I ran 55 minutes today - I think we are ready for a mini-marathon!

Oh, and in closing, just another fun something to try in the shower - that is if you can stand to face the water. Put your tongue under the heaviest stream of water for 5-10 seconds. I couldn't hardly stand the sensation - it almost felt like thick mashed potatoes were stuck on my tongue.


Blogger Jim and Jaena said...

I love the update, Deb. However, I am bummed that I cannot try the water on the tongue in the shower experiment because our shower is not working and we have been forced to take BATHS for over two weeks now! It's inconvenient and driving me crazy. Anyone know of a good plumber?

August 26, 2006 10:27 PM  
Blogger Kelley said...

Thanks for the updates! I tried the shower thing, and it was horrible. I didn't like that feeling at all. What possessed you to try it?

August 27, 2006 7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


About the shower--you have way too much time on your hands, or tongue!:)

August 27, 2006 5:23 PM  
Blogger Jim and Jaena said...

Elisha and I just saw the infomercial for the Magic Bullet, and I have to say that if I had an "extra" $99.99 around, I would probably order one(actually, two since you get a free one with your order.) We often use our blender to make smoothies, but it is a pain to clean and definitely takes more tham 10 seconds to blend.

Is this something I should be asking for this Christmas?

August 28, 2006 3:27 PM  

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