Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Deb Wuertley, Overtly Quiz

When I was in high school, I loved to get teen type magazines like Seventeen or YM and take the quizzes that were inside. I was able to discern things about myself like "Am I a loyal friend?" "Does my boyfriend really love me?" "Am I an extrovert or introvert at a party?" "What would my perfect birthday celebration be?" and so on. I'll have to admit, I still love taking the quizzes in the grown-up magazines, too, it's just that the quiz titles have become a little more "mature." "Do you have good communication in your marriage?" "Are you at an increased risk for breast cancer?" "Are you in good enough shape for your age?" In honor of these types of quizes, and since school really begins tomorrow for a lot of us and to get us back in the school mindset, I have compiled the Deb Wuertley, Overtly Quiz. The quiz is 38 questions long with one question from each of my posts. At the end will be the complimentary "grading scale" so you can see where you fall. (I've taken the quiz, and not to brag, but I scored 100%. ) This post has potential to be quite lengthy, and since I am not sure when I will be posting again due to work starting, (I'm not signing off for good, I just know I am not going to be able to keep up the posting each night pace) you could even spread the quiz over the next several days. Oh, and one important peeking back at past posts! The purpose of the quiz is to see how well you know "Deb Wuertley" after visiting the site over the last several days (peeking would be comparable to Elizabeth looking at the answer key in word searches - I would think it would defeat the purpose of the entertainment.) Here goes...

1. The Intro Blog. Which one of the following topics did I say I would not ever post about on my blog? a.) my children b.) my husband c.) my job d.) my sister-in-law Kismet

2. Father's Day. Which of the following childhood games was one of my favorites with my dad?
a.) game in the hall b.) euchre c.) ball and strike d.) dungeons and dragons

3. I Have Music, Too Bad I Have No Talent. Which of the following songs to I not understand the meaning of the lyrics? a.) Bohemian Rhapsody b.) Stairway to Heaven c.) One Tin Soldier d.) Jesus Loves Me

4. Surviving Motherhood. On this post in which I posted my first picture, who was in the picture? a.) Anna with marker on her body b.) Elizabeth and Anna with ice cream on their face c.) Elizabeth after falling off her bike d.) Anna and Elisha after coloring the camper

5. Phobias. Who created the title for my blog? a.) My mom b.) My brother c.) My cousin d.) Anonymous

6. Dreams. Which of the following is NOT one of my recurring nightmares? a.) missing shots in a basketball game b.) problems dialing 911 in an emergency c.) I'm in my childhood home in the dreams d.) a fellow blogger torches my house when I make a rude comment on her blog

7. Windfall. If I won a lot of money, which of the following is true? a.) I would still work b.) I would move to a different city c.) I would buy a new home d.) I would split all the money between our Sunday School Class members.

8. A Few Days Away From Reality...Priceless. When the "big storm" hit this summer and we had no electricity at our home, we spent a few days a.) at Jason's parents' house b.) camping c.) at the Holiday Inn d.) at Wal-Mart

9. I'm Becoming My Mother. I have the following in common with my mom. a.) I sing in the church choir b.) I am a teacher c.) I have a phobia about the dark d.) I have a problem with moderation

10. Great Expectations. I picked up this sport my senior year of high school. a.) golf b.) softball c.) volleyball d.) football

11. Contentment. I strayed from my topics guidelines in this post by posting about...a.) Jason b.) a scripture verse c.) my job d.) my cursing habit

12. Blog Surfing and... Fill in the blank to complete this post title. a.) Spider Solitaire b.) Hearts c.) Euchre d.) Fantasy Football

13. Cousins. Elizabeth and Anna have a cousin named a.) Abby b.) Katelyn c.) Maria d.) Anonymous

14. Cousins Part II. Last summer, my family took a vacation to a.) Kings Island b.) Disneyworld c.) Mammoth Cave d.) Gas City Petting Zoo

15. The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat. The mystery people in the photo were a.) my friend Meg and her brother Scott b.) Elizabeth and Anna c.) Joel and Jaena, my cousins d.) Kismet and Kelley

16. Excuse vs. Reason. My brother and I competed in a _______tournament together this summer. a.) tennis b.) ping pong c.) euchre d.) weightlifting

17. July 4th pictures. I posted pictures of July 4th evening with a.) Jason's family b.) My brother's kids c.) my parents d.) we didn't celebrate July 4th.

18. Happy ___ Birthday to Me. Fill in the blank of this post title (it's my age.) a.) 30 b.) 31 c.) 32 d.) 21

19. The Curse of the Gift Card. I was burned by a gift card balance at a.) Bob Evans b.) Richards c.) La Charreada d.) Folkies

20. College Wesleyan 15, Hanfield 5. The sport this score was from is a.) Coed Softball b.) Church League Softball c.) Air Hockey d.) Tennis

21. Just a Few Random Observations. This plant grows in my garden overnight. a.) tomatoes b.) corn c.) zucchini d.) marijuana

22. Toilet Paper Shortage. We had to convert to using this for toilet paper. a.) napkins b.) newspapers c.) paper bags d.) the dictionary

23. Happy 9 Years. My highest comment count to date - it totaled a.) 32 b.) 37 c.) 48 d.) 2

24. What a Day! For my parents' anniversary, I took on what project? a.) Painting their cottage b.) cleaning their windows c.) Organizing their pantry d.) cleaning out my dad's closet

25. Who Am I and Who I Am. This group is a very important to my family. a.) Bowling League b.) The New York Yankees c.) Our Sunday School Class d.) NRA

26. Maturity. A new blog was introduced in this post. The author is a.) my mom b.) Jason c.) my brother d.) Anonymous

27. Smile, You're on Candid Camera. A practical joke backfired on me at Family Camp while playing this childhood game. a.) Kickball b.) Tetherball c.) Red Rover d.) Spin the Bottle

28. 4 Generations of Infomercial Mania. What product did Elizabeth talk my dad into purchasing? a.) the Bowflex b.) the Magic Bullet c.) Showtime Grill d.) Time/Life Acid Rock cd set

29. Some Sentimental Observations. This person helped me start my garden. a.) my grandpa b.) my mom c.) Jason d.) Anonymous

30. Blog Stalker Revealed. I left which of the following messages on people's blogs? a.) you've been spied on by the blog stalker b.) gotcha c.) Just wanted to let you know I stopped by. d.) your mama

31. Potentially Great Ideas. I wanted to plan a last minute summer trip to a.) Kings Island b.) Cedar Point c.) Indiana Beach d.) the Gas City Speedway

32. Overindulgence or Necessity of Life. Elizabeth won this stuffed animal in the crane game. a.) brown bear b.) pink poodle c.) white lamb d.) bob the tomato

33. Cutting it Short. This post was dedicated to... a.) Thumper #1 b.) my mom c.) Bambi #4 d.) Anonymous

34. The Perfect Day. My perfect day included breakfast at a.) Cracker Barrel b.) Dennys c.) Bob Evans d.) Pump n Munch

35. Irony and the Sound of Music. This song reminds me of my seventh grade boyfriend. a.) Look Away by Chicago b.) All Out of Love by Air Supply c.) Had the Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing d.) I Hate Myself for Loving You by Joan Jett.

36. Novelty Items the Wuertley's Can't Live Without. This item was #1 on my list. a.) Clorox Bleach Pen b.) Flushable Wipes c.) Tupperware Chopper d.) toilet paper

37. A Day With Cousins. We went to this fair Friday Evening. a.) Indiana State Fair b.) 4-H Fair c.) Van Buren Popcorn Festival d.) Motorcycle Mania

38. Unpreparedness. What grade was I in when I forgot about my six weeks project? a.) 4th b.) 5th c.) 6th d.) kindergarten

see end of post for answer key


35-38 Deb Wuertley must be on your link list. You visit her site at least daily, and quite possibly multiple times a day. If Deb Wuertley misses a day with her post, you feel as if your day is not quite complete. You post a comment almost every, if not every time.

25-34 You visit the Deb Wuertley, Overtly site purposefully. You may miss a day here and there, but you scroll down and skim entries you may have missed. You may comment if the post directly relates to you.

15-23 You link to Deb Wuertley, Overtly from another blog if you are doing some blog surfing. There are quite possibly entries that you have not read.

5-14 You stumbled upon Deb Wuertley, Overtly one night when you had absolutely nothing else better to do. Only when you are bored out of your mind do you visit the site; usually it is when you are going down JoEllen Hummel's link list to kill a few hours.

0-4 Who is Deb Wuertley, and why did she post the comment "Just wanted to let you know I stopped by" on my blog? What a weirdo.

answer key
1.b my husband
2.a game in the hall
3.b stairway to heaven
4.a anna with marker on her body
5.c my cousin
6.d a fellow blogger torches my home
7.a I would still work
8.b camping
9.c phobia about the dark
10.a golf
11.b a scripture verse
12.a spider solitaire
13.c maria
14.b disneyworld
15.c joel and jaena, my cousins
16.a tennis
17.b my brother's kids
18.b I am 31 years old
19.a Bob Evans
20.b church league softball
21.c zucchini
22.a napkins
23.b 37
24.a painting the cottage
25.c sunday school class
26.b jason
27.a kickball
28.b magic bullet
29.a grandpa
30.c just wanted to let you know I stopped by
31.a kings island
32.b pink poodle
33.a thumper #1
34.c bob evans
35.c had the time of my life
36.a clorox bleach pen
37.c popcorn festival
38.b 5th grade



Blogger The Wuertleys said...

I got 34.


August 13, 2006 6:54 PM  
Blogger Jim and Jaena said...

I got 36...wait a minute, I think that means I am addicted to blogging and, more specifically, to "Deb Wuertley, Overtly." I need a support group.

Interestingly enough, I was surprised at the two I missed: #9 (I forgot your mom was scared of the dark) and #23 (I thought you only had 32 comments.)

Great quiz, Deb. We (I) will miss your daily posts. I guess that will make it that much more special when you do post.

August 13, 2006 10:06 PM  
Blogger Jim and Jaena said...

PS: Maybe you could put a space or two in between each number in the answer key. That made me dizzy and gave me a headache. :)

August 13, 2006 10:08 PM  
Blogger Kelley said...

I got 32 but I still fit into category #1. It's just that I've always struggled with test anxiety and sometimes miss ones that I really know. I too will be sad that there won't be a daily post, but it will make them more sweet I suppose. Cute Idea! I enjoyed it!

August 13, 2006 10:37 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Jaena, I'm trying my best to put spaces in, but for some reason it won't save my changes. At one point it took this post off completely (I almost freaked out, because there was no way I was retyping all that again.) Still working on it.

That's okay, Kelley. Jason only got 34, and he lives with me!!!

August 13, 2006 10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

grrrhhhh. just a 30. not bad for reading blogs for only a week and the only past one i read deliberately was the one about your brother, i may have bumped into one or two around that not too shabby.......but considering i only got a B+ in english comp and i couldn't pass the math competency test without being tutored by my husband, it could've been a lot's been nice conversing with you all.....the depression of feeling left out was causing me to inhale bags of chips uncontrollably and drinking beer :)......thanks for letting me barge in for just a bit..... real life begins in about 6 dream: to be able to post an anonymous comment someday on jaena's (miss i only missed 2) blog......gotta hate the alarm in the morning. c ya :)

August 13, 2006 11:37 PM  
Blogger Joel said...

Hmm. I got a 34, so I tied with Jason. But being the Lisa-Simpson-type overachiever that I am, I'm bummed that I missed the top tier. Dang! Are you sure there isn't any extra credit?!?

August 14, 2006 9:59 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Joel, just for you, an extra credit question worth...1 point.

In the picture with Doug and the 2 mystery people (hope you got that question right) what game was Doug holding?

a. aggravation
b. the price is right
c. hungry hungry hippos
d. Scene It - Friends Edition

August 14, 2006 10:52 PM  
Blogger Joel said...

YES! I know this one!! Though I don't actually ever remember *playing* Aggravation with you guys. Hungry Hungry Hippos? Yes. All the time. And Kerplunk. And Mousetrap. Even that crazy Clue VCR game that involved way too much fast-forwarding and rewinding. We played that only once, I think. But never Aggravation.

August 15, 2006 10:10 AM  

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