Thursday, February 28, 2008

Letters to the Editor

This past summer I e-mailed the Chronicle Tribune with a letter to the editor regarding RadioU's departure from 94.3. That letter was never printed. I re-sent the letter a few weeks after my initial try but never saw the letter printed and never received any response from the Chronicle as to why it wasn't printed. I still don't understand why it didn't run. There has certainly been more controversial letters, such as letters about MCS, the proposed smoking ban, and politically based letters. There have also been letters criticizing other IWU decisions, such as the closing of Nebraska Street, so I don't think that was the reason it didn't run (and my letter really wasn't critical.) And finally, it can't be because they refuse to print letters from members of my family because my sister-in-law had one printed a few weeks ago. But alas, it was not printed, so I have decided to use this blog as my forum for other letters to the editor that I would like to send.

Dear Fellow Community Member Who Must Use Her Cell Phone in the Wal Mart Checkout:

It is incredibly annoying to have to run to Wal-Mart in the middle of the day. I was already under a lot of pressure because I had exactly 5 minutes to run in, pick up a birthday present, and make it to the IWU gym to pick up my kids from swimming lessons. I would have gone to the self checkout, but you were almost done at the regular checkout so I got behind you in line. You were obviously enjoying your conversation on your cell phone, but it was distracting you as you were trying to pay. You paid for your groceries and THEN realized you forgot the two bags of ice. The cashier was waiting so patiently on you to get off the phone, but I was steaming behind you. I did not want to appear annoyed, but I also couldn't fake my true feelings, so I am sorry that I didn't acknowledge your comment about having a million things to do today and being scatterbrained. I decided instead to look past you into the background and think about the fact that I too had a million things to do today and I was going to be late to the gym. I understand that in today's technological world it is so tempting to be connected to the phone 24/7. But can you please complete the checkout process first next time and then talk to your honey on the phone?

Thank you for your consideration.
Deb Wuertley, Marion

Dear Person at Tucker Who Stole My PDA:

I know the PDA sat at my desk connected to my laptop all year. I know that defeats the purpose of having a PDA. But I still felt violated when you took my PDA AND rummaged through my desk drawer to find the case. But just one thing you may want to know: you forgot to take the base, so by now I'm sure it is dead and of no purpose to anyone. And just so you know, it did still have my daily schedule for the next several months on it, and when my laptop died on Monday, it would have been helpful for me to have my PDA so I could have at least known what I was doing this week. But hey, thanks for not taking the 7 DVDs I accidentally left on my desk overnight. I took them home today so you missed your chance.

Deb Wuertley, Marion

Dear Person Who Turned Right in Front Of Me on the Bypass on the Way to My Wal-Mart Trip:

Why? I mean there were NO cars for three blocks behind me. I was going full speed on the bypass and you were on a side street. Then you only traveled three blocks and turned into the Lowe's parking lot. This may not have been a big deal to you, but because I had to slow down, I hit the next light and then only had 5 minutes at Wal-Mart instead of 6. I know you couldn't have known the trip I was going to have at Wal-Mart, and I didn't either, so that's why I didn't blow my horn. Oh yeah, and that wouldn't have been very "Christian like" either, so that's another reason I didn't do it. But in my head I was annoyed.

Deb Wuertley, Marion

And just so you don't think ALL of my letters would be negative, I've decided to add a couple of positive ones:

Dear Mrs. Hornett:

You are an amazing 2nd grade teacher. I asked Elizabeth on Friday how school went, and she said it was an AWESOME day (she had won some art contest and bingo, and since she is so competitive that was HUGE) except for one thing "was bad" she said. She had a substitute for half of the day because you were in training. Elizabeth absolutely loves 2nd grade and loves having you for a teacher. I know in elementary school learning how to read and write are very important, but learning to have a love for school and having a positive classroom environment is also important, and you have been an integral part of that this year. In the midst of a lot of stress and turmoil at MCS, you have been nothing but positive in the classroom. Elizabeth has no idea the chaos that is surrounding MCS because you have not brought it in the classroom. Thank you for all you do for the kids in our system.

Deb Wuertley, Marion

Dear Linda:

My afternoon was absolutely uplifted when I got your e-mail that I had "won" the King Gyros tickets. I was on the phone when the initial e-mail came through and so I read it 7 minutes after you had sent it. Surely Bonita beat me to the punch, I thought. I refreshed my e-mail every ten seconds after I replied and let out a shout when I learned I was first to respond. Thankfully the kids at school had gone home for the day (my office is in the middle of a preschool classroom.) Thank you so much for the coupons. In fact, that night Jason and I got to talking about gyros, so we ordered out gyros that night. I am looking forward to another evening soon when I won't have to cook and we can enjoy the gyros again. Thanks for making my Friday end on a great note.

Thanks again.
Deb Wuertley, Marion


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should send this blog in its entirety to the CT. Maybe, just maybe, they will select one. I love the tone, as well as the oh-too-familiar topics that we can all identify with.

February 29, 2008 7:49 AM  
Blogger Jim and Jaena said...

Well written and funny, as usual. Sorry about your PDA - how frustrating!

February 29, 2008 8:44 AM  
Blogger Toevs said...

I am sorry the Tribune didn' print your letter. However, I am also glad, because if they did, you wouldn't have posted this blog. I got a kick out of reading your blog.

February 29, 2008 4:36 PM  
Blogger Bekah said...

A thousand amens to your walmart/bypass letters. I'm sorry for you...but glad to know that the same people are present and accounted for when you try to shop. I was starting to think maybe they stole MY pda and tracked my plans to wal mart...and showed up on purpose just to annoy me.

GREAT post.

And for the record, you will often find me on the phone in checkout - but it's usually just to my mom - and usually just to keep me from losing my temper. It does NOT...i PROMISE...hold up any payment transaction.

March 02, 2008 10:35 PM  

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